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Your Gateway to UK Dentists. The Email Mailing list of Dentists and Dental Surgeries is the place to get detailed marketing information covering contacts working in the Dental and Dentist profession. If your business is involved in the supply of paid services to the dental profession then there are crucial contacts that you will need if you are to grow your business.. 

We remain on the front of providing e-mail contacts belonging to UK and USA dentists. (Get more information on the USA version via the above links). Having e-mail mailing lists will ensure you have a ready source of contacts. So there is no need to get leads by having to research this information yourself or by buying lists at inflated prices.

Reasons why our list remains the best you can find- our list only includes those addresses that were obtained after dedicated research and confirmation via our e-mail verification service. Once we receive payment you will immediately receive the email list, in the form of a .CSV file, via a download-link. The information presented in the file has email addresses to ensure you can contact the dentists directly and quickly, without having to go through the frustrations of using outdated contacts. The directory and marketing list clearly indicates the regions in the UK where these professionals are based.

The addresses include street or postal addresses as well as accurately sourced email addresses. (See our approach in “Research Methods”). No other e-mail list or supplier of dentist contacts can match the challenge that we have set up to give people accurate contacts. We only offer working and frequently updated contacts to our customers while still maintaining a low cost service that offers businesses information when you need it. 

Dentists in the UK, like all other dentists in the world, attend to oral health. They often rectify major disabilities within the maxillofacial area, although the negative impact of tooth decay and gum disease is what they commonly face. A daily pre-occupation with these dental practitioners is fighting toothache that often develops from cavities.

Dentists in the UK strive to prevent the occurrence of oral disease and disorders so as to pre-empt the need for restorative undertakings, but sometimes oral complications do occur and they are attended to by dentists in their respective areas of specialisation. UK dentists specialise in two main areas as shown below. For American Dentists click the link.

Orthodontistry – A dentist in this line of specialisation is called an orthodontist and deals with biting disabilities that occur due to either uneven teeth or loss of them; faulty jaw development; or a combination of both.

Dental surgery – A dentist specialising in this area is referred to as a dental surgeon and deals with invasive treatment of oral difficulties, complications that could touch on the teeth themselves or even on the jaw bones. Dental surgery has four main sub-sections, namely, Endodontic-dealing with the teeth and pulp; Prosthodontics-dealing with dental prosthetics; Orthodontic treatment-touching on bones; and Periodontics-relating to teeth support areas. 

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UK List Dentists and Dental Surgeries

An Email Mailing of Dentists and Dental Surgeries


Dentists are your doctors when it comes to taking care your dental needs.  They help identify, treat, and help manage problems encountered with regard you overall oral health, including but not limited to gum care, performing root canals, doing fillings and providing preventive education.


Several decades back, dentists and dental surgeries were the only answer to decayed or broken teeth.  And there is no other option but to pull out the teeth.  Talk about  surgeries!


Thanks to technology, however, dentists and dental clinicshave come a long way from mere tooth extraction and the practice has  made  great advances where alternative treatment procedures were resorted to to “save” the tooth.   Modern developments in the practice of dentistry has now resulted in specializations that address specific problems in the different parts of the oral cavity:  from taking care and  maintaining over-all health of the dental pulp, to aligning teeth to correct bite errors, up until restorative surgeries performed on the face and the neck areas in extreme cases when accidents happen.


What you Need to Know about Dentists and Dental Surgeries


Even dental surgeries have stepped a notch. Where before the use of dentures were the only answer for permanent teeth loss, now dental implants have made it possible for people to “acquire” a new set of teeth sans the discomforts of having artificial teeth.  Dental surgeries may be performed for any one of the following  reasons:


  • Dental implant surgery.  This type of dental surgery usually is done to provide a more or less permanent replacement for missing teeth. 
  • Cosmetic Dental clinics.  Some people just do want to improve their smiles and it will be up to the cosmetic dental surgeon to determine the appropriate operation to be done:  it may range from providing implants to as aggressive as removing some bone tissue to achieve that beautiful smile.
  • Removal of impacted teeth. Some teeth to do not completely come out of the gum and may grow sideways causing a lot of discomfort.  Your dentist may perform surgery on this to have the impacted tooth pulled out.  Most wisdom teeth are impacted and need to be removed.
  • Corrective Jaw Surgery.  Some dental surgeries are done to correct alignment of the upper and lower jaw.
  • Facial Injuries and deformities.  Your dentist can also perform specialized surgery to improve appearance of the face due to trauma sustained.  Reconstruction of cleft lip and palate may also be done.


While these technological advances may have provided us alternative ways to live our lives near normal, remember that it is always better to take care of our own selves than have spares to take care of us. So you can use email mailing to best effect .


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